Sunday, August 25, 2013

Birthday Blessings Down on the Dairy Farm

Although birthdays don't happen everyday down on the dairy farm, eating a nutritious balanced  diet is an everyday affair for dairy cows. Even our pregnant cows are provided a special diet formulated by our dairy nutritionist  for  the last two months of pregnancy to maintain  body condition, prepare for  the delivery of a healthy calf and  provide adequate calories  for   milk production  after having a calf.
This group of pregnant  cows will calve in the next two weeks and are being provided with grain, hay and a mixture of silage in a measured amount every day.
Although August is hot, it's a good month to be a dairy cow resting in the pasture, eating all you want and drinking lots of water as you wait for a new baby calf.
Healthy babies are always welcome blessings  on the dairy farm!
Twenty three years ago, we had a healthy birthday blessing  of our own down on the dairy farm.
( I did eat a nutritious diet but I didn't get a two month rest before I had this eight pound boy!)
Happy Birthday,Casey!

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