Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dairy Cow's August Treat

In the middle of last year's drought, we would never have believed  August 2013 would have more rain days than dry days! Even though the weather man was predicting possible showers through the next week, it  was  decided that Saturday  was the day  to begin the 'green chop' routine. Our dairy cows love this green energy and protein filled  treat and show their appreciation by giving more milk!

Our typical green chop routine is  to  mow enough of the sorghum Sudan grass to dry for a day before chopping it  and feeding to the dairy cows with their other feed ingredients. Our cows' diet   is formulated by our dairy nutritionist. Anytime a change is made to the diet, like adding 'green chop',  we consult with our nutritionist to make sure it continues to be  a balanced nutritious diet.

 In trying to think ahead of the possible rainy weather,  we managed to chop enough for two days of feed. We were on schedule until it rained...
It may take a few days of sunshine before we can get back to mowing and chopping in this very wet field, but  our cows are still eating a balanced and nutritious diet--it just doesn't have the nutritious cow  candy!

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