Saturday, October 5, 2013

Back Porch Makeover

If the back porch of our old farmhouse could talk, I know it would have a lot of stories to tell. My mother-in-law  was born and raised in this house and  told me a few of those childhood stories of how they would eat on the porch in the summer before the days of air-conditioning or used it for  overflow dining  when company came to visit.
Today the back porch of our 92 year old  farm house is not only the walk through to inside the house, it's also the storage place for items that Farmer-Husband   might need occasionally  but must keep it on the back porch  to be sure it's handy, a dozen  raincoats for four people, and an assortment of boots and shoes for every occasion and event on the dairy farm.

The planned porch  make-over  happened this week. My Mother and I marked our calendars for this special project--she's my partner in crime on projects like this! It's not that it's such a big space but the fact that there was so much stuff to move and so much dirt to clean out before we could start the project!

Here's how  the steps of the project went:
  • First step was to  wait till Farmer-Husband left town for three days. This  first step allowed me to move everything with out listening to any complaining about moving the stuff that might be used.
  • Second step was moving everything out to another space which actually required  a move of more of Farmer-Husband's stuff without his permission. Good reason for step number one.
  • Third step was back-breaking , knee bruising scrubbing to prepare for the woodwork and floor  painting.
  • Fourth Step was to paint and allow plenty of drying time and keep the porch off limits for an extra day for drying.

 The back porch is now  clean , shiny and clutter free!
 I'm still hearing a little grumbling from the Farmer-Husband about where I've moved  his stuff, but it's worth it when I look at   the improvement to our old farmhouse from the back porch makeover!

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