Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dairy Cow Approved Weather

It was a Dairy Cow Approved Weather Day  and I'm going to recommend a bonus for the  weatherman's perfect prediction of today's cold weather in Northwest Arkansas.  As I waddled out the back door this morning  all bundled in my warm coveralls, hoodie, coat and gloves--I wasn't too stylish looking but I was    prepared for that cold north wind!
Our dairy cows actually seem to thrive on colder  temperatures.  They embrace and enjoy  the cold weather  by eating more hay.
 From now till spring, one of our daily tasks will be  making sure hay is in the manger to provide good nutrition during cold weather   for these pregnant cows.

As I watched the cows enjoying their bale of hay, I couldn't help but think
 we're a lot like cows--eating is the natural thing to do when the weather gets chilly!

Nutritious dairy products--- always in style and perfect for any weather!
                                                       ---Dairymom Approved Statement

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