Monday, January 13, 2014

Got Ambulance Service?

I've just completed my first year as a member of the Benton County Quorum Court. As a Justice of the Peace, I represent  23,000 citizens in District 9. In every county in Arkansas, the Quorum Court is tasked with making decisions that use tax dollars wisely to  provide the services our citizens rely on related to county government which includes providing roads, courts and records, and the jail.
Before I began serving  on the Quorum Court, the issue of the availability of ambulance service in the unincorporated areas of our county had been discussed since 2010.The cities that have provided ambulance service outside of their city limits are standing on state law and demanding payment for the service that they provide outside of their city limits.
After studying the options, the court decided that ambulance service should continue to be available  but for that to happen, it must be paid for by those receiving the availability of the service.
A special election will be held on February 11th to allow the voters to make the decision.
A yes vote means--I want the service and must pay $85 per year on my tax bill.
A No vote  means--I do not want to pay $85 and accept that there will be no available service. 
Members of the Quorum Court are holding community informational meetings to give voters the opportunity to ask questions and be as informed as possible when they go to vote.
Here are the scheduled meetings across Benton County:

January 16--Highfill City Hall,6:30p.m.
January 18--Centerton City Hall,9:00a.m.
January 20--Siloam Springs  Community Center,6:00p.m.
January 24--Billy V.Hall Senior Center, Gravette,6:00p.m.
January 25--Lowell City Hall,1:00p.m.
January 28--Pea Ridge Fire Department,6:00p.m.
January 30--Centerton Fire Station,6:00p.m.

Your vote does count!

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