Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Delivers Spring Down on the Dairy

How often do we get a 60 degree January day on the dairy farm? Not very often this year!
Although Mother Nature was just teasing us today with a spring-like day, it   was  a perfect day
    for welcoming a new calf into the world. 
We're always keeping a close eye on our cows to ensure a healthy delivery, but it was nice to know that this baby would be born on a much warmer January  day.
 Our calves are usually born in the pasture but with the extremely cold January days that we have experienced,  we have been moving  the mamas to the maternity barn close to calving time  so the baby would be born  in a more protective environment.
With tomorrow's forecast for twenty degrees, it looks like we'll be back to the maternity barn for delivery!

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