Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Weaning Down on the Dairy Farm

Is it spring yet?
I'm sure that's what these babies want to know--they've tolerated some really cold and snowy days this winter in Northwest Arkansas.
It won't be too long now (hopefully within the next two weeks)  before these babies will be weaned and  moved from their individual hutches into a small pasture where they can romp and play together in a group as they continue to grow into our future milk cows.
To make this transition to the pasture  less stressful, we've already  started the weaning process of changing them from    milk to water and adding grain that meets their nutritional requirements for continued  growth and development.
I'm sure we've still got a few more weeks of winter but I began weaning myself from winter this weekend by planting a few pansies by the back door!

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