Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dedicated to Dairy

Ryan and I just returned from the annual meeting of our dairy cooperative, Dairy Farmers of America in Kansas City,Missouri. The theme, Dedicated to Dairy, was a perfect description of the people attending the meeting.  Dairy farmers are committed to producing safe, high-quality milk that is consumed on family tables around the world. Our dairy cooperative is just as dedicated to making sure that from the moment milk leaves our farm, it is processed and delivered to consumers with the focus on safety and the needs of the families who will consume our dairy products. 
 In a hallway going to the meeting room was  a great display of all the different brands of milk and dairy products produced by our farmer members. I loved this display of all the different brands of milk sold across the country because it represents the fact that  no matter  where you live or buy your milk--you and I  can purchase safe, high-quality milk for just pennies on the dollar because of the dedication of every member in the dairy industry.
                   Milk is always a  nutritional bargain because it supplies nine essential nutrients
                             including calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin A, and potassium.

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