Saturday, March 15, 2014

Farmers Appreciate Northwest Arkansas Dairy Tour

A couple of years ago I met  Tiffiny, a Midwestern farm girl, the  owner of a local  tour agency specializing in agricultural tours.  Combining her love for  and interest in agriculture with her passion for traveling has brought her great success in providing tour packages for farmers wishing to learn more about agriculture in a variety of places in the United States and around the world.  To celebrate 15 years of  agricultural tours with Trump Tours, Tiffiny invited customers to come to Bentonville for the weekend to give a taste of Arkansas agriculture and a view of Northwest Arkansas.

                               It was our privilege to share our dairy  farm with these farmers from
                               around the country as part of their tour day in Northwest Arkansas. 

         With their knowledge of and connection to agriculture, it was obvious that these farmers
                understand  the commitment of food production and appreciate the responsibility 
                                       that  dairy farmers take seriously seven days a week.

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