Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Fling Down on the Dairy Farm

Even though it's spring, our chilly temperatures haven't enticed the pasture grass to grow very fast. 
 We'll continue  feeding large round hay bales in the manger for these soon to be mama cows until there is an ample supply of grass to satisfy every cow just like we've done all winter. I'm sure the cows are anxious for their spring fling in  lush grass after such a hard winter!
I love spring down on the dairy farm for a lot of reasons but it's always  fun to see how the cows behavior and attitudes seem to change with a few warm days and a little green grass.
I'm not so different from the cows--I think my attitude and behavior is a little bit better with warm sunshine and the beauty of spring!
It's hard to tell who is more anxious for the dairy farm's spring fling--the cows or the farmers!

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