Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dairymom's Thankful Thursday

We're on duty around the clock during spring calving season to make sure that our dairy cows have a healthy delivery. I'm thankful for this "special delivery" that happened without any complications  in the middle of a hectic day  down on the dairy farm.
Mother Nature always has perfect timing!

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  1. Congrats on your new arrival! such a precious little joy.
    I'm still a newbie to Arkansas and I live quite close to a farm .... one day I was driving home and noticed a cow standing around her calf, the calf wasn't moving or so I thought. The momma cow was licking her young but there was no movement. I got visibly upset and knocked on the farmers door and with tears streaming told her that I thought the baby had died. this woman must have thought I was crazy.....but I have grown to love this beautiful animals. She told me that her husband would be home soon and he would check. When I got home I couldn't even get out a full sentence without breaking down husband just held me.

    The following day I told my co-workers of what happened, smiles appeared on their faces. I didn't understand why they were smiling, "Jolene....she probably just had the calf, she was licking the calf clean....they don't move much when they are first born". They all reassured me that the calf was ok and sure enough about a week or two later I saw the momma cow with her young.

    In early April, I witnessed one of the cows in the pasture giving birth. It was an amazing sight, obviously being the California Girl that I am wanted to rush to the farmers house to alert them of it....but stopped myself because 1. I didn't want them to think "ohhh heres the crazy wanna be cow lady" and 2. it's not their first rodeo when it comes to seeing a cow in labor. So I continued on with my errands and two hours later I drove by to see a little newborn calf by her side. I was overjoyed and TOLD EVERYONE!!