Sunday, June 15, 2014

June Dairy Days

What do you get during June Dairy Month  when you have kids from the four state area, cows and lots of ice cream?  4-State Dairy Days!!  This is the 25th year for the event located in Bentonville, Arkansas, known as 4-State Dairy Days.

It all began when a few dairy loving Benton County  parents decided more experiences for showing dairy cattle needed to be created for kids interested in 4-H dairy projects. Twenty-five years later, the mission is the same--"to promote the dairy industry by providing opportunities for youth to learn and compete in a fun, safe, family-friendly environment.

If you're looking for a weekend full of dairy activities, come to the Benton County Fairgrounds in Bentonville,  this Friday (June 20). Check out the list of events at 4-State Dairy Days.


                                  You're never too old or too young to enjoy June Dairy Days!

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