Sunday, July 20, 2014

Labor of Love

Yesterday we celebrated my Aunt Alice and Uncle Pete's fiftieth wedding anniversary with a fantastic gathering of friends and family. Our labor of love  was  a fun and memorable event  that  also  brought us together as a family throughout the last few months as we  planned  and implemented  details for the event.

I enjoyed watching Aunt Alice'  friend, Linda, prepare the cake. It was absolutely a work of art--edible art. A personal touch was the addition of brooch pins  from my grandmother and Uncle Pete's mother as part of the cake decoration.

My own love for blue probably started with my Aunt Alice wedding--that was her   color!

We were all amazed that our blue punch matched the cake and no one went home with blue teeth or lips!
I'm not sure you could make a more delicious punch than equal amounts of 7-Up and Blue Hawaiian Punch topped with a carton of pineapple sherbet!

When it was all said and done, 
these smiles were the greatest reward for our labor of love!

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