Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Milk Truth Jeopardy

We probably won't see a category of Milk Truths on the TV game Jeopardy but it is important for good nutrition and good health  to understand the truth about dairy foods that play a critical role in the diets of adults and children by providing nine essential nutrients,including calcium,magnesium,potassium and phosphorus, in addition to 48 percent of the daily value of protein.

Here's 5 Truths about Milk:
  • Milk is a nutrient powerhouse--and it's not just for kids. 
  • Milk contains a lot that's good, without the "bad" that some people think.   The dairy case has something for everyone--including low-fat and fat-free varieties, as well as lactose-free products. Families can choose from a variety of milk,cheese, and yogurt products to meet their taste and nutritional goals.
  • Milk is simple-- especially compared to non-dairy milks that can have more than 10 ingredients.
  • Milk provides high-quality protein (almond and other non-dairy milks may have just 1 gram of protein).
  • Milk is a real,wholesome and local product from family farms across the nation.

You can find more Milk Truths at MilkTruth, DairyMakesSense and DairyGood and as a dairy farmer, I'm available to tell the truth about how we (my dairy farm family) work everyday  to produce high-quality milk.

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