Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dairy Frolics

It doesn't matter if the gate was left open by accident or the dairy  calves pushed it open,
 the calves must go back to the pasture they call home to make sure they are fed and cared for  properly each day.
After gathering them all in a working pen,
the frolics began!
My job was to serve as the counter--keeping track of the ones sorted out of the pen for the group going to the west pasture. It was a low stress job--perfect for me!

 After sorting, it was a little like what you would call a cattle drive...
although it was just across one pasture to the next gate.

Going through the gate was a little tricky but we outsmarted the last three on the second time!

As the calves entered the pasture they were running,jumping, and bucking.
It looked a lot like a school playground when the kids begin recess.  

Lucky for us, the pasture was green on both sides of the fence!

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