Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Arkansas Dairy Ambassador 2015

Just when you thought nothing else could fit into the schedule of activities at the 4-State Dairy Days--
we had the Arkansas Dairy Ambassador contest!
The Dairy Ambassador Program criteria consists of three levels: promotion activities, an interview with a panel of judges, and an oral presentation.

I'll be the first to admit, the conditions  for doing an oral presentation with cows mooing and fans blowing to keep everyone comfortable are not ideal,  but the setting is perfect for the topic of
 "What's so Great about Dairy!"
Prior to the interview and presentation, the contestants have also participated in a Farm Bureau  dairy recipe contest in their county and promoted dairy in a second activity.
It takes enthusiasm and interest in dairy cows and the dairy industry to be named the Arkansas Dairy Ambassador!

Congratulations to

Colte Mosher

 Arkansas Dairy Ambassador 2015

A special thanks to Arkansas Farm Bureau for supporting this youth program!

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