Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dairy Farm Dog Delivers Devotion

There's nothing easy about losing a pet.
 Best way I can describe losing my dairy farm partner,Chester, is that  my heart hurts.

 Chester and I developed our partnership 12 years ago when he left 
a Missouri farm to live in Arkansas with me and my dairy farm family. 

His unique look--what we think was a cross of wire- haired terrier and blue healer--was so ugly, he was cute.
He had the sweetest brown eyes.

Chester lived life to the fullest.
He rode the 4-wheeler when any one would allow it.
In his younger days, he did like to nip your heels when you least expected it. This trait was not too pleasant and made a definite impression if you were a victim. 
He thought he was a cow dog--he just didn't know which end he should be moving. Most of the time, he enjoyed chasing them away from the fence.
He loved attention from any children that came to visit the farm. 
Chester was totally devoted to me. If you were looking for me on the farm, Chester was by my side.

                                           It was a lonely walk to the calf hutches this morning.
                                                         We have other farm dogs to love
                                                               there will never be another