Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dairy Going Green in August

It's hard to believe we still have green grass in August!
You won't find any Northwest Arkansas  farmers complaining about the great hay harvest of 2015 but the amount of rain that occurred in late spring and early summer and the intermittent showers through the summer have pushed our normal hay cutting schedule closer to fall harvest time of other crops.

Hay fields are part of our dairy farm recycling plan...
fields are fertilized with the cow manure from our dairy cows.
Once all the bales are removed from the field, we can apply cow manure based on our farm's nutrient management plan that guides the amount,source, placement and timing of manure on fields.
We're not only recycling  a nutrient, we're protecting the groundwater by applying the manure to a crop that will absorb it!

One great thing about August hay cutting--the hay dries very fast!

                                                 August heat doesn't help the farmers' attitude
                                             you can see a smile when he's counting  the bales!

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