Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hide and Seek

Just as we started feeding baby calves this morning, this cute little Holstein bull  was born.
We put a red neck tag on him and left him in the field with his Ayrshire  mother.

Late in the afternoon, I saw his mother standing in the shade with the other cows without her baby. 
It's way too hot to be playing hide and seek!
After riding the 4-wheeler  around the pasture in search of the baby, I found him resting in the grass.

I guess he decided  it was just too hot to tag along with mom!
His  mom appeared within a minute of my arrival in front of the calf
 and quickly let me know   who was in charge...and that 
the game of hide and seek was over.

Mama and baby are doing well in spite of our 100 degree weather!


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