Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Licking Fear Down on the Dairy Farm

We don't usually think of a dairy farm visit as a life changing experience but that
 was what we witnessed on a recent farm tour with middle school students.

 This young man in the wheelchair had a fear of animals.
When he cried at the sight of our friendly farm dogs, 
I was concerned that this trip to the dairy farm  might not be a good experience.

His teachers were kind but firm and continued to comfort him as they explained to him 
that the animals would not hurt him. The other students would hold his hands
 and talk to him as we traveled around the farm.

The miracle really unfolded by the time we reached the baby calves. 
He continued to cry at the sight of the calves, but as his teacher talked to him and pushed
 him closer to one of the baby Holsteins and 
other students were showing him how the baby calf would lick their hands, this frightened boy,
 reached out for his own experience.
One lick from a baby calf brought the biggest smile.

 The expression of sheer joy on his face was priceless.

Licking  fear of an animal  was a milestone for this special student.
Miracles do happen when we least expect it.

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