Monday, February 8, 2016

Cow Taters

Fried potatoes,baked potatoes,scalloped potatoes,potato soup, potato casserole--
let me count the ways we love to  eat potatoes with cheese and sour cream.
My family loves potatoes but this semi-truck pile takes it to a whole new 
level for my  tater-lovin' farmers!

Now this is a lot of potatoes.

It was unfortunate that freezing weather created havoc for the truck driver trying to get
 these Russet potatoes delivered to the potato processing plant in Oklahoma. 
When the load was refused due to freeze damage , he was looking
 for a place to deliver this nutritious
 product  rather than take it to a landfill.

It's not unusual to feed byproducts of corn or cottonseed to our  dairy cows
 but potatoes are not commonly available to us in Arkansas. 
Potatoes are high in energy, very palatable, and can be used to replace corn in the diet.

Fortunately for us, our cows will be enjoying potatoes in their feed ration 
as soon as our dairy nutritionist gets the feed ration designed for
 just the right amount  to include in the daily feed ration.

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