Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Milk Lover's Spring Break

What do I  love about spring break?
The opportunity to share what life is all about down on the dairy farm!

 My spring break happened today,
 on just an ordinary day down on the dairy farm,
  with  two young families wanting
  to know more about where their milk comes from.

All farm visits include watching the cows eat. It may not be the most exciting
place to visit but it's my favorite spot to explain how
 the cows eat a balanced,nutritious diet everyday  to produce high-quality milk. 

Spring break gave me  the opportunity to share how we care for our dairy cows
 everyday from the milking parlor to the feed barn and all the chores in between
 that are required to care for our land and the animals but most of all,
 I've got new friends that share my love for milk!

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