Monday, May 23, 2016

Dairy Farm Test Day

Once a month our cows have a test day. I'm pretty sure  it's a lot easier and 
less stressful  being a cow on  test day than it is for students taking final 
exams at the end of the semester!
All our cows have to do is come to the barn and  be milked on their regular schedule.

 The real work for test day  is done by our  MidSouth Dairy Herd Improvement 
Technician Greg. He arrives before milking  to place his measuring meters
 in the barn, organizes his milk vials and  prepares to collect each sample.
When sampling is finished, information is typed into our computer system 
and   the samples will be shipped  to the lab for analysis.
 In  less than a week we will have information at our fingertips via email.

The test results provide us with an analysis of the milk volume and
 components of each cow's milk  and are used  as part of the record keeping 
 system to guide us  in the  management of our dairy herd.

Greg provides dairy herd improvement  service to dairy
 farms in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky.
It's dedicated people like Greg that work with us down on 
the dairy farm to produce high quality milk. 

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