Monday, May 9, 2016

Dairy Truth Telling

My mother-in-law never gave any farm tours. It wasn't necessary
 because in her generation, every one she knew lived on a farm or had family
 that grew up on the farm and knew where food came from.
 Her generation didn't have fears about how their food was produced,
In fact,  many of her generation  were happy and grateful  to just  have food.

It's quite a change ninety years later.
We now have at least three generations of consumers with no direct 
connection to a farm or family that were connected to a farm. 
Opening the barn doors and inviting consumers to the farm  is now an 
important way we   farmers can share
 how we produce food for  all of our families.
It's a great opportunity for dairy truth telling!

When it comes to food,we have a lot in common, no matter what age:

We love to eat!

As I prepare for a  dairy farm tour this week, it's my hope that our visitors
 will learn the truth about dairy farming  and experience the commitment 
we have to providing high-quality milk and dairy products by taking good
 care of our cows and the land we call home.

If you can't make the tour, you can find more dairy truth telling

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