Monday, July 11, 2016

Dairy Tall Tale

It's not a tall tale,  but it's the tale of how tall  corn can grow on an
Arkansas dairy farm when you have the right nutrients and
 almost perfect weather conditions. 

Can you see the dairy farmer's smile?

Our cows produced the manure that we applied to the field prior 
to planting this spring.
 Manure, also known to us as a nutrient,  improves the soil by increasing 
the organic matter,adds nutrients for plant growth and increases the water 
holding capacity of the soil. The amount,source,placement 
and timing of manure on fields for crops that we raise
 is part of our farm's nutrient management plan.  
 By following the plan,
we are  protecting the environment and improving the land.

Our tall tale is also a perfect tale of  sustainability.
At the end of this tale, when eating corn silage this fall,
 our dairy  cows will be so happy!

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