Monday, August 15, 2016

Dairy Farmer Olympics

It's a race to the finish when you are raising a crop that will be fed to your dairy cows. 
The cows are counting on us! 
Each phase of crop production
--soil preparation,planting,harvesting-- 
is part of the relay race.

We began the harvest relay of our corn crop yesterday. 
It's being chopped and hauled to the silo so that it can ferment and
 be fed to our dairy cows  as corn silage.

  Sometimes the farmer  loses the race for 
no fault of his own because of  uncontrollable  factors like weather but  
like the Olympians we've been watching this week, 
farmers don't quit till the end of the race.

                                         My dairy farm Olympics experience tells me that we
                                          will have a few slow starts during  the harvest relay
                                                                 but like true Olympians,
                                    we can enjoy the rewards of hard work at the end of the race.

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