Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dairymom Job Security

When I get the call, "Are you home?", I know that my plans have changed.
 It's how things operate down on the dairy farm. 

It wasn't a difficult task to follow the farmer and tractor to the field  but
 in the scheme of everyday farming life, it was one of the many
 measures of time efficiency and safety.

As our population has grown, so have the number of vehicles traveling our roads.
Not every one understands or cares  that a tractor and an implement 
like the culti-packer don't move at lightening speed and even dirt roads 
are not always easy to maneuver when you meet oncoming traffic.

For our safety and in trying to be considerate of  our neighbors
 traveling the same roads,
 we use  the least traveled roads and if possible, choose the time
 of day for less traffic.
Traveling behind the tractor in a vehicle with flashing lights is
 the least I can do to try protecting my family.
It's my job.


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