Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dairymom's Thankful Thursday

Policy making time at Farm Bureau is serious business.
 It's our policy framework that guides the work of our organization. 

As stated in a recent  membership brochure-- 
"Farm Bureau policy, because it is crafted by individuals, 
reflects a wide range of needs and interests. Issues are as far-ranging as
 soil testing,production research,public education, taxes,
 roads, trespassing,health and safety."

Resolutions for policy  are presented at the county annual meeting. 
Every member who chooses to do so can have a say in our policies and programs.
It's the grassroots process of policy development that sets us apart from other organization.

Last week the State Resolutions Committee, met in Little Rock 
to discuss the presented changes or additions to the 
policy adopted at the county level.

Discussion of each issue that is presented is interesting,enlightening and
 although we may not all agree, majority rules. 

The final step in policy development will be the presentation of these 
policy changes to the Delegates at the Arkansas Farm Bureau 
Annual Meeting in December.

I'm thankful to be involved in an organization 
where membership does really matter!

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