Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dual Purpose Dates

                     Although spring has barely started, our warmer than usual winter weather
                                   has given  the wheat crop a little bit of a jump start in growing.
                                   This spring wheat crop is an important ingredient for our
                                                   dairy cows' balanced and nutritious diet.

                                     Our plan is to chop the wheat and put it in the silo.
                             The Friday night date  was actually a crop fact finding mission.
                              We were looking for the appearance of  what's called the "flag leaf'".
                                 It's appearance would indicate the right time to begin harvest.
                              Knowing the right time to chop is important for making sure
                           we get the best quality forage for our dairy cows nutritional needs.
                                     There's always a method to the dairy farmer's madness!

I still love these dual purpose  dairy dates down on the dairy farm.

                                    Producing quality forage is part of our dairy farm family's
                                             commitment to providing high-quality milk
                                                      and taking good care of our cows.

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