Thursday, June 1, 2017

Raise Your Glass for World Milk Day

We're  kicking off June Dairy Month celebrating World Milk Day (June 1)
 down on the dairy farm 
by raising a glass of our favorite ...MILK!

World Milk Day was established  in 2001 by the Food and 
Agriculture Organization  of the United Nations to recognize
 the importance  of milk as a global food.

Behind every nutritious drop, is a dedicated dairy farm family.

We invite you to celebrate with us today  by raising a glass (or two) and
 if you share your toast on a social media channel using hashtags 
#WorldMilkDay or #RaiseAGlass, 
our Dairy Farmers of America Cooperative will donate $1 
to the Great American Milk Drive, up to $10,000. 

Just think how many more of our friends could enjoy a glass of nutritious milk 
by today's #World Milk Day celebration!

                                                        I just love about you?