Monday, January 15, 2018

January Shows Off

January is showing off  with single digit temperatures for 
 multiple days and so far has just teased us with a skiff of snow.
It may be all that she can do!
There's not another layer I can add to keep warm and still fit 
into my coveralls so why shouldn't I taunt her?

Although the cows don't seem to be taking it as hard as the farmers,
we have unrolled large hay bales in the pastures for them to lay on, increased
 the amount of feed needed and made sure their water supply is not frozen.

This new baby and mother spent their first night inside
 the maternity barn for added protection from extreme cold.

                                        Evaluating our cows comfort and providing what they
                                         need is an everyday  activity down on the dairy farm.

                                      Our commitment to providing high-quality milk begins
                                      with taking good care of our cows in spite of the weather!

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