Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dairymom's Thankful Thursday

It was a dreary,gray,drizzly start to our calf feeding chore time this morning.
As I looked to the dry pasture to see if we had any new calves born in the night, 
I spotted 6 young deer running together at the north end of the pasture
 trying to figure out how to get over the electric fence.

The deer moved so quickly and gracefully.
 I wished I had been able to capture a better picture of their beauty and grace but 
my phone /camera  was buried in my coveralls to protect it from the drizzle.

                                          You can see a faint outline of the deer inside the heart.
                                           It was obvious that fences are no obstacle to the deer.
                                    I'm thankful for the moments of surprise that warm the heart
                                           and send a special message of love that God provides
                                                   down on the dairy farm when least expected.

                                                     Happy Valentine's Day!

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