Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dairymom's Thankful Thursday

The ordinary days down on the dairy farm become extraordinary when 
viewed through the eyes of an inquisitive nearly  2 year old.

The blandness of winter scenery becomes more vivid as Hattie Claire and I 
talk about all that we see looking from our perch on the windowsill. 
We're not talking in great detail about all the ways we manage cow manure to
 help improve air and water quality or how we care for our cows everyday but 
we share an appreciation of all the activities and the farmers working at every task.

This week ,when looking to the left, our conversation was about the big tractor
 working to spread cow manure for anticipated green spring grass. 

To the right we saw  the cows busy eating their daily grain .

Tractors and cows just couldn't compare with the excitement of 
seeing the bright red headed woodpecker in the tree by the window.

                                   I'm thankful  for the opportunity we have to share life down
                                    on the dairy farm with the next generation and to enjoy the
                                                      spark of color in the dead of winter.

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