Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dairymom's Thankful Thursday

We were happy to see Gittlein's custom chopper pull into the first corn field yesterday. 
Harvesting of any crop is a big deal but our corn crop is especially
 important to our dairy cows diet   through the winter and early spring.

All the corn we raise is chopped and hauled from the field to the 
silo on the dairy farm.The chopped corn will go through a
 fermenting process and become the silage that our  dairy cows 
will enjoy eating with other grains and hay.

It was my good fortune to be offered a ride around the field 
with my oldest son Cody.This was our view  of the chopper as 
we drove down the field side by side so the corn could be
 blown from the chopper into the truck.

With three trucks running to haul the corn to the silo,
it gave us opportunity to catch up on a little mother-son communication
 as we waited for our turn to pull up to the chopper.

                                              I'm thankful for the harvest of a good corn crop,
                                      the unexpected opportunities to spend time with my family,

                                                     to share  life down on the dairy farm
                                                              with multiple generations.

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