Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

                                       There's no doubt, down on the dairy farm, we are
                                                               Undeniably Dairy!
                                     This new logo is supported with our Dairy Check-off
                                      dollars to help us promote dairy through out the year.

When the farmer said he would like to have one of these projectors 
that displayed the Undeniably Dairy logo, I sprang into action, almost like
Dancer and Prancer, to order it as a Christmas gift.
It only made sense to give the gift early so it could be enjoyed.

Getting a good picture has been a little difficult but
projected on the old hay barn on Anglin Road,
it's an Undeniably Dairy awesome sight!

It's not just a logo for us, it's the life we live and love 
everyday to make sure you have cream for your coffee, 
milk on your cereal, cheese on your pizza or 
yogurt in your morning smoothie.
I'm thankful to be a dairy farmer!

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