Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

The construction of the new Bentonville  Walmart Distribution Center 7842 began in 2017.
The removal of the trees between our farm and the new construction site
has given us the perfect view of this completed project from the pasture 
next to our house where the dairy cows wait on their soon to be born calves.
It's definitely a landscape changing experience
and one of sadness when you realize that our third generation 
farm is in the middle of this ever changing environment.

On the other hand, I am thankful for the $171 million investment by Walmart
that will employ 600 people in Northwest Arkansas.

As a member of the Benton County Quorum Court,
I was honored to be invited to the grand opening and ribbon cutting
 for DC7842. 

It is an amazing 1,269,000 square foot  facility full of technology.
As a neighbor, I was also interested to see what goes on in this building
that has become part of my everyday view.  

                                I found that our farm and this facility have two things in common:
                                        we are open 24 hours a day and work 7 days a week.
                               Fortunately for their employees, DC 7842 is closed on Christmas.

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