Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

We've had new babies in the pasture every day this week, in fact,
some days it has been 3 or 4.  Calving heifers, those first time mamas,
are often a little more challenging but I'm happy to report all have 
calved without any problems that required  assistance.

This heifer calved yesterday. She happens to be one of the "horned heifers"
in the group that are calving this month.  Somehow these heifers did not
get dehorned  when they were small calves. 

 Dehorning is done to decrease the risk of injury to other cows, 
 farmers or other humans. "Disbudding " of non-developed horn 
buds is a fairly simpleprocedure that is typically conducted
 the first few weeks after a calf is born.

Any dehorning at this point will be done by the veterinarian using
best industry practices to ensure the comfort and safety
 of the animal through sedation or anesthesia.

                                 I'm thankful that we have had no injuries to calves or farmers
                                  and for  the interesting conversations about horned heifers!

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