Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

                                        What's prettier than a new Holstein mother and baby ?
                            The answer is a beautiful red Ayrshire with a black and white calf.

                             This was an expected outcome when you use a Holstein bull for
                                    breeding the herd of cows but it's always exciting to find
                                                              a "new " look in the field!
                            The Ayrshire cattle in our milking herd  were added by our son Cody
                                                during his 4-H dairy project years and continue
                                                                to add beauty to the herd.
                              Ayrshire cattle originated from Scotland and are known for low
                            somatic cell counts, ability to convert grass into milk efficiently,
                             and hardiness. The breed is known for easy calving and longevity.

This new baby was born the week of our two terrific lightening and storm 
events that brought a lot of rain and destruction.
I'm thankful that we had no loss of life, human or animal, during these
storm events and for the life lesson to put no faith in surge protectors!

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