Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Arkansas is known for unpredictable weather changes but 
this week has been ridiculous!
Our cows and calves had less than 24 hours to adapt from a 
beautiful 70 degree fall day to what felt like January bone-chilling
twenty degrees with a little sleet and snow. 

We prepared as best we could by unrolling hay
for the cows to rest on and bedding calf hutches  
with extra hay or shavings for warmth. 

I'm thankful that this baby was born on the 70 degree day
before the chilly weather

and all the calves survived with no symptoms of  illness
or hypothermia.

                                                  I'm also very appreciative of  and thankful for
                                              the warm insulated coveralls that  kept me warm
                                                                  and a little less cranky!

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