Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Our three farm dogs are usually the first to greet any visitors with
a chorus of barking that unnerves most UPS and FedEx drivers.
It's not a bit surprising that many of the delivery drivers carry
a lot of dog treats  and are now considered on the OK list by 
our farm trio.

No matter what I am doing on the dairy farm, the dogs 
wait patiently outside the back door so that they may follow me. 

They are not trained to do anything helpful but it's 
obvious that each one of them loves me unconditionally
 and are happy to contribute  a tail wag or a hand lick
 to improve my day.

Even though the dogs don't understand that it's okay for the 
cows to stand close to the fence or gather around the hay manger,

I'm thankful for the devotion of our farm dogs
that provide their own kind of  daily love and encouragement 
 for dairy farmers down on the dairy farm.

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