Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

"It takes a village" was the phrase that came to mind as I observed
this mama-to-be assisting with welcoming the new calf. It's not unusual
to see this behavior  in a pasture full of expectant mothers and although it
appears to be helpful, it can be a distraction to the new mother causing her
not to do her job of cleaning off the calf.  

We don't always separate these cows but today due to the frigid,damp weather, we
moved the new baby and mama to the maternity barn for protection and to assure
that the mama could do her important job.

Observing the behavior of animals is always interesting and part of the 
dairy farmer's job in providing good care of their cows and calves.

I'm thankful for all the birthdays down on the dairy farm
and in our family!

Happy 1st birthday,Breck!

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