Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Dairy farmers work closely with a variety of professionals such 
as veterinarians and animal nutritionists. One of
 my favorite professionals that we talk very little 
about is  the dairy cow hoof trimmer. 
In the human world, you might call him your
 podiatrist or  foot specialist. 

It is a known fact that comfortable  cows are healthy  cows.
Hoof trimming provides a measure of comfort that will correct
or prevent lameness.

Our hoof trimmer is a master at 
  utilizing  his skills to diagnose and treat the types of foot issues that 
each animal is experiencing or keeps the feet healthy by trimming 
the hooves for preventive maintenance.

Hoof trimmer Ben sets up his own shop when he
arrives on the farm. His hydraulic chute and table 
will place the cow on her side with her legs
 restrained for safety and  comfort. 

I'm thankful for professionals like Ben that use their
skills and love for cattle to ensure that each of our dairy
cows is comfortable, healthy and providing  high-quality
milk for your family and mine.

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