Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

It was a snow day down on the dairy farm!
Well, you might call it more of a snow event since
most melted by noon.

The  older calves weren't a bit impressed by the little 
bit of snow that covered the ground. Nothing could stop 
them from drinking warm  milk and eating grain.

It's always fun to watch the youngest calves experience 
their first snow. Most were hesitant to come out of their 
warm hutches but once I coaxed them out with 
a warm bottle of milk, the snow was not an issue.

                                           Regardless of the weather, the calves are fed milk
                                        and grain twice daily  and monitored closely for any
                                                              signs of stress and illness.

                                             I'm thankful for the beauty of the snow day and for
                                            the joy we find in caring for our calves and cows
                                                       every day  down on the dairy farm.

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