Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Once a month for the last twenty plus years, we get what we call a "test"
of each cow milking in the herd.  The test will tell us  how much milk
each cow is producing and a variety of information that is used in  caring 
for and managing the herd. 

My job before the test day is to make sure all the information about each
cow is updated in the computer system so Greg, our test technician,can update 
the system after he collects each sample of milk.

Greg is not just a technician that works for Mid-South Dairy Records.
He is our friend and part of the family. Even though we are both only children, 
we can almost fight like a brother and sister.

For the first time since being diagnosed with kidney disease, 
Greg was too ill to come test this month.
Technician Tiffany, Greg's fill-in, and I worked through our
test day. It wasn't perfect but we managed to get the job done.
I certainly appreciated her patience!

                                    I'm thankful for Greg's love of dairy cows, his phenomenal
                                         memory about dairy cows,  his devotion to his job
                                                         and most of all his friendship.
                                     Hurry and get well Greg--we've got a lot more fighting to do!

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