Thursday, April 23, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

                                           Resting is part of the job for these dairy cows that 
                                      are patiently waiting to give birth in just a few short days.

                                     Each of these cows were moved from the milking herd to 
                                               the "dry" herd for a two month rest before calving.
                                            They are fed a special diet, provided plenty of water 
                                       and checked frequently  for any changes in behavior that
                                                             might indicate time for calving.

Even though we started the day with no sunshine after yesterday's rain,
I'm thankful for the picture of rest that brings a calmness
to the chaos around us and that what we do every day matters
to you and your family as we work to produce 
high-quality,nutritious milk down on the dairy farm.

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