Thursday, May 28, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

From the minute we bring a newborn  calf into 
their own private hutch, it becomes our priority
to monitor the calf for any health issue and to 
make sure it is drinking milk  twice a day and
adding grain at the appropriate time.

Care in the hutches continues for approximately three months.
The hutch protects from weather and the pens surrounding
 them provide ample space for the calf to freely move about 
while protecting them from other members of the herd.

When the calves are transitioned out of the hutch into a small 
pasture, the training begins for living as a group,
 eating together from a grain trough and drinking at
the water tank.
My job last week was to stand in the gate and direct
 them to follow Ryan to the feed manger at feeding time.
It doesn't take very long for the calves to know
it's time for dinner!

I'm thankful for the opportunity we have
each day to care for our calves that will  assure a future 
of producing high-quality milk
                                                         for the little surprises down on
                                                                       the dairy farm!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Tradition of Remembrance

As a child I only associated Memorial Day with
a holiday that brought our family together for a picnic or
 the beginning of summer with the first trip to  the swimming 
pool.  Perhaps I was born a little too close to the end of World War II
 for anyone ready to talk about our fallen heroes.

I can't imagine what our country would be like today were
it not for all the men and women that have served our country 
to protect our freedoms.
Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate
their devotion to our country.

Fortunately for our family, my father-in-law
did make it home from his experience in Japan during
World War II.

Because of men like Bill, 
we have the freedom to farm and  live free.

                                                               We pause on Memorial Day
                                           to give thanks for those who have given their all.

Memorial Day...a tradition of remembrance.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dairyfarmer's Thankful Thursday

Milking our dairy cows twice a day is part of the 
daily routine down on the dairy farm.
During a pandemic, it is comforting in a crazy kind 
of way to be able to continue  a daily routine.

You may notice our employee, Jonathan, is wearing gloves.
Glove wearing has been part of our milking procedure
for a very long time to help decrease any spread of bacteria
from cow to cow.

I'm thankful that the COVID19 pandemic has 
not disrupted or changed our  daily activities and procedures,
 that our employees continue to be healthy,

the cows are being milked everyday,

and that farms and farm employees  are considered  essential 
so that we can continue to provide high-quality milk for 
my family and yours.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

                                       It's obvious from looking at the relaxation of our farm dogs,
                                       we need a little more excitement in these crazy COVID days!
                                       Feeding the baby calves twice a day has just worn them out.

  I'm thankful for these three dairy farm dogs that 
                                        do nothing but bring us joy on the gloomiest days,

the laugh from the son who put up with the wrong candles on 
his birthday cake,
for the opportunity to celebrate a belated birthday and 
Mother's Day with most of my family 

the beauty around us during these challenging 
days down on the dairy farm.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Finding this new baby hiding in the buttercups was a little like playing 
hide and seek with granddaughter Hattie. The obvious clue was the
 Holstein mother standing close by just waiting for recognition!

It's a comfort during these days of COVID19 to  experience 
normal activities down on the dairy farm.
Our daily mission of caring for our animals and producing safe, 
nutritious  high-quality milk has not changed.

I'm thankful for our dedicated employees that have come
to work everyday and for the fact that all are still healthy,

for the surprise visits from our flower loving,watering girl Hattie,

and for the beauty around us
confirming who is in control of all circumstances