Thursday, June 11, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

It's June Dairy Month!
Hope you have been eating all the dairy foods you can!
We appreciate all the ways you and your families 
support us.

Down on the dairy farm, the calves celebrate
everyday with milk in the morning and evening.
Just like us humans, calves and cows must have
good nutritious food for growth and development.

Grain, a mixture of sweet corn that is pelleted,  
is added to their diet gradually to meet their nutritional needs.
Providing good nutrition and monitoring the growth and 
development of our calves is how we insure that we will
have healthy cows to produce milk.

As you can see, between the lines of barbwire, 
these beauties in the pasture will soon be
having calves and entering the milking herd.
Growing the milking herd is approximately a three
year project of love and dedication.

I'm thankful that even in tough times we can  
celebrate all that we love and care for each day.
We are blessed.

Happy June Dairy Month!

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