Thursday, June 18, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

                               No matter how many times we find a new baby in the pasture,
                                      I still love to welcome each one to the farm and give
                                          a congratulations  to the mama for a job well done.

                                      Yesterday we had two new babies for the welcome party.
A double delight for a day during June Dairy Month.

Each of these mamas was raised by us. 
From the day of delivery, we are caring daily for each
one for an average of two and a half to three years before  
 the heifer will have her first calf.
High quality milk begins with a healthy animal and
that's where our job begins on day one in caring for each new calf.

                                                 Even though we have challenges every day,
                                I'm thankful for the joys of our job  down on the dairy farm
                                as we work to produce high-quality milk for my family and yours.

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