Thursday, June 25, 2020

Dairyfarmer's Thankful Thursday

There's nothing sweeter than watching a mama cow
welcome her new baby with a tongue licking bath.
This licking cleans and strategically moves  and helps expel 
any fluids that might be present in the calf's lungs. 
It's obvious that our Creator thinks of everything!

Within just three months,
this new baby will have out grown the individual hutch we
raise them in and need to be moved to a small pasture.
This process is what we call weaning.
Calves are usually 10 to 12 weeks old when weaned from the hutches.

Before moving the calves they are on water and pelleted feed
that is formulated for their growth and development. 
This preparation decreases the stress on the day
 we actually move them and for the adjustment to their
new surroundings.

I'm thankful for each of these healthy calves that will
one day be producing high quality milk and
for the opportunity I have to work with my two sons
everyday down on the dairy farm.

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