Saturday, July 4, 2020

Blessed Americans

Regardless of living in the middle of a pandemic and
the unrest in our country at this time,
we are blessed to live in this great nation and call ourselves 

July 4th gives us the opportunity to celebrate all that 
we are as a nation and to appreciate all those that
have worked, struggled and sacrificed to bring us to this point in time. 
We are not a perfect nation because we are an imperfect people.
It is our duty to strive to be better on every level.

As we work today down on the dairy farm, 
we are celebrating the fact that we have the 

freedom to farm,
                                     freedom to work everyday to provide food for Americans,

                                              the freedom  to  celebrate what July 4th means
                                                    with the next generation of Americans.

                                                           God Bless America!

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